'Twas a nice day in the safari, not a care in the world had he. And then with the sound of flapping wings there was a kersplat on the back of our dear elephant friend. Indeed... a bird had pooped on him. He tried so very hard not to mind and went on splashing about once more in the sparkling wate-KERSPLAT! Another drop fell on his back. That was it... something had to be done. These birds simply could not go on ruining such a perfect day. Yes our friend the elephant was now in a very grumpy mood, and you do not want to mess with a grumpy elephant. He filled his trunk took aim, and went wild!

Join our grumpy friend to teach these birds a lesson they won't soon forget before they ruin his day for good in the 5th entry to my "Game a day" challenge. This one was a test to see how a bit of animation went in the confined space of 24 hours (more like 9 really though).

Press any key to move forward. Aim with your mouse and press left mouse button to shoot. Refill your trunk by putting it into the water you're walking in. Don't get hit by the bird poo.