Do you love typing games? Step right up! How about incredible music? Check! Color? Do you like color? Well we've got that too! Everything else you could ever want in a game? Probably! Please join me in welcoming the crazy box shooter: Type To Live!

When Tommy the Typer found a magic cardboard box that changed colors to the beat of awesome music, a rift opened and crazy man eating black squares materialized all around him wanting to devour the brilliant palette that Tommy now found himself enjoying. So, popping the box on his head and getting out his Typer Blaster 2015, Tommy started rocking those blocks to smithereens!

Help Tommy defend himself for as long as you can and then challenge your friends to survive longer than you!

How to play: The letters are your ammo. The white box that rotates around the colorful box is your crosshair. When you type the correct letter a bullet is shot towards your crosshair. Don't let the black boxes touch Tommy or you lose! Get a score of 100 or more to impress me.

Listen to Soundtrack:

Game # 8 in my Game a Day Challenge.