Keyboard: WADS/Directional keys = Move, Space/LMB = Fire

Gamepad supported (Chrome only): A = Jump, X = Fire

Objective: Survive 60 seconds without getting cooked.

Multiplayer: Game too easy? Have up to 4 players plug in a controller and take control of the fireballs and harass the turkey player to death.

Description: This game was made in 24 hours by one person and won 2nd place (1st place had 5 people) at the 2014 South Utah Code Camp in St. George Utah. The idea behind it, besides being Thanksgiving themed, was to showcase the feasability of instilling multiplayer into a regular game by allowing bystanders to play as the AI. It originally was Windows desktop only and didn't have any sound assets. This year (2015) I decided to polish it up and distribute it to all the platforms I had available in time for thanksgiving!

This is a no-ad, free game. If you enjoyed the roasting of goofy turkeys at all, please consider donating by clicking the "support this game" button above. Thanks for playing!

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Simple and not too difficult, found this just before Thanksgiving! :) I put it on my channel and I'm so happy I could upload and find a game for this holiday, thanks for making this.